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Congratulations to the winner of this week’s online giveaway – Anna Bradley!

Every week in October, 1 WAY Radio Listener Will Win a prize pack from Dr. Tony Evans and The Urban Alternative

The Kingdom Agenda 6 cd sermon series PLUS the entire set (5 books) in Dr. Tony’s “Under God” Series: One Life Under God, One Church Under God, One Family Under God, One Kingdom Under God & One Nation Under God

(the 5 Under God books are adapted from the sections of the Kingdom Agenda, the legacy work of Dr. Evans)


God’s Kingdom isn’t just about theology and church. It isn’t just a quaint religious idea, or an obscure theological concept. It is about a whole new way of seeing our world and our place in it. When we grasp the full power of Kingdom-thinking and embrace a Kingdom agenda, it will transform every area of our lives including our thoughts, our actions, and our goals. In The Kingdom Agenda, Dr. Tony Evans tells us about what it means to live out the meaning of God’s Kingdom in every area of our lives.
The Kingdom Agenda offers a fresh and powerful vision that will help you think differently about your life, your relationships, and your walk with God. When you start with a Kingdom agenda, living in relationship with the true King and embracing our place in His Kingdom, nothing will ever be the same again!


  • One Life Under God. One of the greatest dangers in the body of Christ today occurs when religion replaces an intimate relationship with our King. Religion is anything you do for God that does not stem out of a heart connected to God. It is only in knowing God and seeking Him first in all that you do, say and think that you come to discover His greatest plan for your life. In One Life Under God, Dr. Tony Evans digs deep to uncover the spiritual truths behind the prioritization of the kingdom, the key to spiritual growth, nourishing a kingdom mindset and discovering your personal destiny.
  • One Church Under God. The church has been established as that place where the values of eternity operate in history. It is a place where weary people can go to find truth, acceptance, freedom, forgiveness and hope. Operating in the world while being a model for the world, it offers an alternative to the world. God has so positioned and postured this unique body of Christ as a community of individuals spiritually linked together with the primary purpose of reflecting and legislating the values of His kingdom. In One Church Under God, Dr. Tony Evans explores the purpose, Person, presence, people, power and proclamation of the church in order to equip believers to fully live out the great commission of Christ.
  • One Family Under God. There is a crisis in America today. Families are failing, the divorce rate is rising, marriage is being re-defined, and roles are no longer properly understood. And because of this crisis, far too many of our nation’s children are growing up without a proper blueprint of the family. They are growing up without answers to questions like, “How do I become a man” or “What does a good wife look like?” There are answers to this crisis, and there is a road map to becoming a family under God. One Family Under God: Preserving the Home as God Intended will unveil the foundational issues within our homes and point you to lasting solutions. Dr. Tony Evans will help you understand the concept and importance of family as God intended and how the state of the family directly impacts our nation.
  • One Kingdom Under God. In One Kingdom under God, Dr. Tony Evans tells us it is time to recognize that the kingdom of God is not some ethereal fairy tale located in some far-off land. It is both here and now and it is time that we accessed all that it has to offer and live life as it ought to be lived.
  • One Nation Under God. In One Nation Under God, Dr. Evans addresses freedom, justice, economics, racism, education and politics from a kingdom perspective. Citizens will be moved to display biblical justice, thus working to build a society based on the foundational principles of God’s word. If God’s people are to reverse the course that this nation is heading down, believers must care about what God cares about, and implement specific strategies to change this nation.

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