Join with other WAY Radio listeners who want to be a part of the mission to help lead unbelievers to the saving knowledge and love of Jesus Christ and to be an encouragement to believers as they share financially with WAY Radio.

Fall FREINDRAISER is coming Tuesday November 12th.

Join us then to pledge your support or give now at 
to keep WAY Radio strong and growing and to reach more people in the year to come.

*WAY Radio is a listener supported ministry and has been on the air, broadcasting solid Bible teaching, since 1960 because of the faithfulness of listeners and their financial gifts.
Thank you in advance for your support!

NOW is your time! Be a part of the bigger picture. Help WAY Radio today reach more people for Christ tomorrow. Remember: No donation is too large or too small! Your donation makes a difference.

Friendraiser is:

  • A special time each year when we appeal to new listeners to begin supporting WAY Radio
  • A time we celebrate all that God has done through those who have given to WAY Radio in the previous 6 months.
  • We only take 2 days a year to really focus on our needs.
  • A chance for you to support the station you love and to partner with WAY Radio in the ministry they are doing.

If you have been thinking “I love WAY Radio and the ministry they do. How can I help or partner with them in their ministry?”, this is the perfect opportunity. Click the link below to get involved. If you have been giving to WAY Radio, we cannot thank you enough and really rely on you to continue your support.


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