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02-01-2017 All day
Repeat every month on the same day until 02-28-2017

It’s the constancy of patient, kind and selfless friendship that keeps love exciting and meaningful. Whether it’s the small notes put into lunch boxes, the carefully completed “honey do” list or the quiet whisper of “I love you” before drifting into sleep, our love for one another is built of a million imperfect but intentionally placed stones. Still, we often forget to show the ones we love how important they are to us. So this month WAY Radio is giving you 28 ways (a WAY per DAY) to say “I love you” to those special “someones” in your life—one per day for the month of February. Some are serious; others, not so much. But perhaps these 28 tips could get you thinking about 365 ways—or more—to be an ambassador of appreciation. One “way” posted each day at 6am this month on our Facebook page. Posts are at 6am, but accessible 24/7 on www.facebook.com/wayradiojax. #WAYS2Love Don’t forget to “share” our posts so that we flood Facebook with love this month!